A few years ago I created this blog for a class project. At the time I thought it was silly but I went through the process and completed my assignments regardless of my personal thoughts about “blogging.”  Recently I rediscovered how much I enjoy writing and decided to use this blog as an outlet for sharing my post-grad life experiences and book recommendations with my friends and family. All views are my own.

In college I studied web development and marketing. After graduation, I worked in the Kansas City area as a Graphic & Web Designer and then as an Integrated Marketing Manager. I have a completely different role now but I still enjoy learning about web design trends and coding with languages like HTML/CSS. This site allows me to continue using those skills.

Beauty and the Beast - Belle with her books

In my free time you can either find me eating ice cream while watching an old movie or snuggled up with my nose in a book and Sinatra playing softly in the background.


Dynamic Catholic Ambassador | Gryffindor | Tri-Sigma | Gorilla
Amateur Photographer | Millennial